Dan Robinson has been worried all week.
Last Tuesday, he received a letter from the local police.
In the letter, he was asked to call at the station.
Dan wondered why he was wanted by the police, but he went to the station yesterday and now he is not worried anymore.
At the station, he was told by a smiling policeman that his bicycle had been found.
Five days ago, The policeman told him, the bicycle was picked up in a small village four hundred miles away.
It is now being sent to his home by train.
Dan was most surprised when he heard the news.
He was amused too because he never expected the bicycle to be found.
It was stolen twenty years ago when Dan was a boy of fifteen.

Nearly a week passed before the girl was able to explain what had happened to her.
One afternoon she set out from the coast in a small boat and was caught in a storm.
Towards evening, the boat struck a rock and the girl jumped into the sea.
Then she swam to the shore after spending the whole night in the water.
During that time she covered a distance of eight miles.
Early the next morning, she saw a light ahead.
She knew she was near the shore because the light was high up on the cliffs.
On arriving at the shore, the girl struggled up the cliff toward the light she had seen.
That was all she remembered.
When she woke up a day later, she found herself in the hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, Frank Hawkins was telling me about his experiences as a young man.
Before he retired, Frank was the head of a very large business company, but as a boy he used to work in a small shop.
It was his job to repair bicycles and at that time he used to work fourteen hours a day.
He saved money for years and in 1958 he bought a small workshop of his own.
In his twenties, Frank used to make spare parts for aeroplanes.
At that time he had two helpers.
In a few years, the small workshop had become a large factory which employed seven hundred and twenty-eight people.
Frank smiled when he remembered his hard early years and the long road to success.
He still smiling when the door opened and his wife came in.
She wanted him to repair their's grandson's bicycle.

The Wayle is a small river that cuts across the park near my home.
I like sitting by the Wayle on fine afternoons.
It was warm last Sunday, so I went and sat on the river bank as usual.
Some children were playing games on the bank and there were some people rowing on the river.
Suddenly, one of the children kicked a ball very hard and it went toward a passing boat.
Some people on the bank called out to the man in the boat, but he did not hear them.
The ball struck him so hard that he nearly fell into the water.
I turned to look at the children, but there weren't any in sight: they had all run away!
The man laughed when he realized what had happened.
He called out to the children and threw the ball back to the bank.

Captain Ben Fawcett has bought an unusual taxi and has begun a new service.
The taxi is a small Swiss aeroplane called a 'Pilatus Poter'.
This wonderful plane can carry seven passengers.
The most surprising thing about it, however, is that it can land anywhere: on snow, water, or even on a ploughed field.
Captain Fawcett's first passenger was a doctor who flew from Birmingham to a lonely village in the Welsh mountains.
Since then, Captain Fawcett has flown passengers to many unusual places.
Once he landed on the roof of a block of flats, and on another occasion, he landed in a deserted car park.
Captain Fawcett has just refused a strange request from a businessman.
The man wanted to fly to Rockall, a lonely island in the Atlantic Ocean, but Captain Fawcett did not take him because the trip was too dangerous.